Rattlesnake Island Preserve

Closed to the Public

Rattlesnake Island is one of the largest islands located on Lake Winnipesaukee. LRCT owns 102 acres of the Island’s interior which is managed as a nature Preserve and includes the Rattlesnake Island Trail to the island summit.

June 21, 2022 Rattlesnake Island Access Update

Thank you to all those who have supported LRCT in making the difficult, but necessary, decision to establish new access rules for our Rattlesnake Island Preserve. For more information on our decision, please visit the link below for a message from the LRCT President. 

LRCT has hired and is training an Island Host that will staff our dock and conduct dock maintenance. We are on track to have the dock open next month (July). In the future, ideally, the dock will be in the water and staffed for Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend. 

Please refer to this page for general updates on Island Access. We will make an announcement in July through our e-blast once our dock is open for the 2022 season. At that time, we will update this page weekly with information on when the dock will be staffed. You can sign up for our e-blast by “subscribing to our newsletter” at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our other island properties on Lake Winnipesaukee: Blanchard Island, Five Mile Island, Ragged Island, and Stonedam Island!

Please Note: Rattlesnake Island Preserve NEW Access Rules

LRCT has instituted new visitation rules to continue to provide LRCT members access to the Rattlesnake Island Preserve.  These changes are needed because LRCT’s property, as well as neighboring private properties, have experienced increased misuse by some visitors in recent years.  The purposes of these new rules are to protect the unique and sensitive natural resources of the Preserve, to ensure that the long-standing restrictions on access (only current LRCT members and no more than 12 visitors at any one time) are followed, and to prevent misuse of the dock, the Preserve, and neighboring properties.  The protection of the Island’s natural resources and respect for Island residents are our paramount concerns.  We appreciate your understanding as we work on implementing these changes so that LRCT members can continue to enjoy access to this beautiful preserve.

Access to the Rattlesnake Island Preserve is ONLY allowed when the dock is staffed by LRCT personnel.  ANY access that occurs when Personnel is not present at the dock would be trespassing, and this restriction is enforceable by law.  Drop-offs or swimming to the property are not permitted.

Schedule: Access will be limited to certain days and hours based on the availability of LRCT personnel and weather conditions.  We hope to have the dock staffed and open 2-4 days a week, on good weather days, with weekends and holidays a priority.  A regular weekly schedule is desired, but the schedule will likely vary – the LRCT website will be updated regularly with the OPEN dates/times as they are determined and with as much advance notice as possible.  At this time, we are working on hiring an Island Host to staff the dock, as well as conducting dock maintenance.  We expect to have the dock staffed and open in July. Please check back here for status updates.

The entire shore frontage of the island is private property. Access to the LRCT property is gained through a ROW that connects the Preserve to our dock on the southeast tip of the island. Our dock is marked with an LRCT sign to help distinguish it from the surrounding private docks.

Public access to our property on Rattlesnake Island is restricted by a Deed Restriction (that was established with the conservation of the LRCT property) that limits access to LRCT members (and their guests) and to only 12 people at any one time. Please refer to the message highlighted in orange at the top of the page for details regarding island access this year.

Paddle Map

LRCT has created a waterproof paddle map that features Rattlesnake Island, along with four other island properties.

You can learn more about our paddle maps here.

Island Access

Please refer to the message highlighted in orange at the top of the page for details regarding island access.

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