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Jimmy Point Preserve

Open to the Public

The Jimmy Point Preserve is a 6.3-acre property which includes 1,850 feet of shoreline and two small islands owned by LRCT.

Gil and Sally Steward donated their extraordinary property, now known as Jimmy Point Preserve, to LRCT in 2005 with the express direction and funding to remove all the existing buildings, returning the property to a pristine, natural state.

The restoration project took two years and was completed in 2014. The extensive work needed included removing two camps, a garage, a pump house, two boathouses, and a paved boat ramp. When a boathouse foundation was removed, the lake shoreline had to be carefully stabilized naturally using rocks, native plants, and fill.

Today, Jimmy Point Preserve has only a few remnants of its past and pedestrian and human-powered watercraft access is allowed for low-impact daytime recreation and nature study. With 1,850 feet of shoreline on Squam Lake and two small islands, the property is best appreciated by the water.

The Squam Lakes Conservation Society holds a conservation easement on the property and it is located close to other conserved lands, including LRCT’s Butterworth Natural Area across Eastman Cove (formerly known as Sq___ Cove), contributing significantly to the conservation and scenic values of this beautiful part of Squam Lake.

Preserve Access

Jimmy Point Preserve is only accessible by paddling. The closest launch area is the beach launch located on Metcalf Road in Sandwich. The paddle from the beach launch to the preserve is approximately 0.5 miles. 

Please respect the private property of our neighbors. Thank you!

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