Anne Turner Packard Property Project

Freedom, NH

Conservation Project Summary

The Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT) is partnering with the Green Mountain Conservation Group (GMCG), The Berry Bay Association, and the Ossipee Lake Alliance to permanently protect the 28-acre Anne Turner Packard property on Square Brook. The property will conserve critical wildlife habitat, protect water quality, and protect the stunning views of the property seen from the Lake and the Road. When the project is completed, LRCT will own the property and GMCG will hold a permanent conservation easement on the property. Both of these organizations will work together to oversee the long term stewardship of this outstanding property.A

Fundraising Goal

LRCT’s project budget is $42,825, which includes the substantially discounted purchase price of $10,000 as well as transaction costs and contributions to each of LRCT and GMCG’s long term stewardship funds, which are used to support stewardship, monitoring and defense for each organization’s conservation properties and conservation easements.

Photos courtesy of Joe Callanan