Moultonborough Falls Conservation Easement

Moultonborough, NH

The Town of Moultonborough has granted a conservation easement to LRCT to ensure the protection of Moultonborough Falls.

Moultonborough Falls Conservation Easement

The Moultonborough Falls Conservation Area is an outstanding community resource. The 37-acre woodland and wetland parcel lives along the Red Hill River between Whittier Highway (Route 25) and Lee’s Pond. The property includes 3,800 feet of shoreline and protects water quality downstream in Lee’s Pond and Moultonborough Bay of Lake Winnipesaukee. It provides a scenic setting for outdoor recreation and learning by people of all ages. The property also includes historical sites that were part of the thriving village of Moultonborough Falls in the 1800s.

The Town of Moultonborough purchased the land in 2018, after voters at Town Meeting agreed to the acquisition and the Moultonborough Conservation Commission raised necessary funds for the project. The Town then granted a conservation easement to LRCT in 2019, further ensuring permanent legal protection of the land for the use, benefit, and enjoyment of the community. The Moultonborough Conservation Commission is developing plans for a parking area and trails that will facilitate the use of the property for recreational and educational activities. LRCT will be responsible for monitoring the conservation easement to ensure the property’s conservation values are protected.

The Red Hill River and its tributaries flow from and through areas, such as Red Hill Pond, Red Hill, and Garland Pond, where significant land has been conserved by the Town of Sandwich, The Nature Conservancy, and LRCT.

The Moultonborough Falls Conservation Area is an important addition to the conserved lands in this river corridor. LRCT is proud to work with the Town of Moultonborough. We are grateful to the generous donors and Moultonborough property owners whose commitment made this project possible and also to realtor, Tom Howard, for his role in conserving this important property. Finally, we are very grateful to the members of the Moultonborough Conservation Commission for their leadership and dedication. We look forward to working with the Commission on future land conservation opportunities.