Huckins Farm Conservation Project

New Hampton, NH

Huckins Farm Conservation Project

Conservation Project Summary

The Lakes Region Conservation Trust is working with the owner of Huckins Farm in New Hampton on a conservation easement that would permanently protect approximately 128 acres of the farm’s productive and scenic farmland and forests. 

Huckins Farm is a family-owned, 200+ year old, Grade A Dairy Farm whose mission is “to provide wholesome, nutritious products for you and your loved ones while promoting education through workshops and classes as we work together to cultivate a more healthy, sustainable, and loving world.” LRCT is proud to work with Huckins Farm to conserve its magnificent landscape and to play a role in securing the farm’s next 200 years.  

Fundraising Goal

The entire project budget is $532,348 which includes the purchase price, transaction costs, a contribution to LRCT’s long-term stewardship fund, monitoring and defense for LRCT’s conservation properties and conservation easements. The majority of this funding has been secured from grants from LCHIP, NRCS, and the New Hampshire Farm Future Fund. We are now working to secure the remaining $28,000. Any amount raised beyond what is needed for this project will be added to LRCT’s new Lakes Region Farmland Protection Fund to protect other farmland in our region.

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