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Bear Mountain Conservation Area

Hebron, NH

Conservation Project Summary

LRCT’s Bear Mountain Conservation Area is a key densely-forested property with cliff and talus slope habitat on the shoulder of Bear Mountain in Hebron. Conservation of this 80-acre parcel in 2022, with abutting land already subject to development restrictions, has resulted in the protection of over 200 contiguous acres on the slopes of Bear Mountain overlooking Newfound Lake. 

The property encompasses high quality wildlife habitat, climate change resilient land, and seasonal streams and rills and several vernal pools. It provides opportunities for hiking, snowshoeing, nature observation and education, and it encompasses part of a popular snowmobile trail. The southeastern part of the parcel is an important component of the scenic view enjoyed by landowners and others looking west across Newfound Lake from Hebron and Bridgewater.

We are extraordinarily grateful to the generous donors, including the John Gemmill Newfound Fund, and local volunteers whose dedication to conservation in the Newfound Watershed made it possible for LRCT to acquire this land.

Key Conservation Values


  • The property is densely forested, with hemlock-hardwood-pine forest habitat and an area of cliff and talus slope habitat.

  • The property encompasses seasonal streams and rills, low swampy hollows, and several vernal pools.


  • The property is identified in the New Hampshire Wildlife Action Plan prepared by NH Fish and Game as highest quality wildlife habitat. Bear and moose are known to be present on this land, and many other species likely utilize property.

  • NH Audubon has confirmed that the Bear Mountain cliffs, including parts of this parcel, are active peregrine falcon habitat.

  • The property has additional ecological value because it is ranked as climate change resilient in LRCT’s Lakes Region Conservation Plan, based on climate data developed by The Nature Conservancy.

Recreational opportunities

  • An existing snowmobile trail across the property will continue to be available for snowmobilers.

  • The property provides opportunities for hiking, snowshoeing, and nature observation and education.

Viewshed protection

  • The southeastern portion of the parcel constitutes an important component of the viewshed from across Newfound Lake. Its conservation helps to preserve the scenic views enjoyed by landowners and others looking west across the lake from Hebron and Bridgewater.

Contiguous lands

  • The parcel abuts approximately 130 acres of land subject to prohibitions on development.

  •  The property is also contiguous to other large undeveloped parcels with significant conservation values.

Thank You!

LRCT thanks the many people who worked on, and deserve recognition and appreciation for, the success of the project:

  • previous owners Tom and Diane Tessier for their willingness to work with LRCT so that property could be acquired for conservation;
  • surveyor Alan Barnard, attorney Jack McCormack, and the Hebron Country Estates Condominium Association, and particularly Larry Goodman and Bill Luti, for their essential assistance with the transaction;
  • the Newfound Lake Region Association, a wonderful partner for LRCT when we work on projects in the Newfound Watershed;
  • the Newfound Land Conservation Partnership, a productive and successful conservation collaboration established in 2009;
  • the John Gemmill Newfound Fund, established by Helen Gemmill, which has assisted with numerous land conservation projects in the Newfound Watershed since 2013;
  • the leaders of the project fundraising effort—Parker Griffin, Ken Weidman, and Martha Twombly; and
  • the extraordinarily generous donors whose support ensured the project’s success.