Additional 273 Acres on Piper Mountain Conserved

Gilford, NH

View from Piper Mt.
View from Piper Mt. Photo by Rick Van de Poll.

LRCT and the Gilford Conservation Commission worked together to conserve 273 acres on Piper Mountain in Gilford. This property encompasses Piper’s open summit (elevation 2,044′), the surrounding unfragmented forest and wild habitat, and parts of key hiking trails. The project was completed in January 2017, with LRCT owning the land and the Town of Gilford holding a conservation easement.

Contiguous to thousands of acres of conserved land, the Piper Mountain parcel has long been a conservation priority. This project will ensure that Piper Mountain’s wildness and scenery, popular trials, and magnificent views of surrounding mountains and lakes can be enjoyed by all for generations to come.

Anyone who has hiked on Piper Mountain or elsewhere in the Belknaps, or who enjoys the views of the Belknaps from around the region, can attest to the beauty of this landscape. YOU were the key to permanently protecting a critical part of this landscape.

Piper, the dog, on her namesake mountain
Piper, the dog, on her namesake mountain. Photo by Nanci Mitchell.