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Stewardship Work

An essential component of LRCT’s land conservation work is the stewardship of the lands that the organization has protected.  LRCT’s stewardship responsibilities include monitoring and managing these lands to ensure a balance between public enjoyment and the preservation of these extraordinary natural resources. LRCT puts a high priority on ensuring public access for thoughtful recreation on its properties wherever appropriate and feasible.

    LRCT’s stewardship work includes:

    • Monitoring owned properties and conservation easements
    • Developing and implementing management plans
    • Maintaining and building trails
    • Enhancing wildlife habitat
    • Inventorying plant and animal species
    • Learning about the natural and human history of conserved properties
    • Undertaking educational initiatives
    • Maintaining relationships with abutting landowners and with the owners of conservation easement-protected land

    Volunteer for Stewardship

    The stewardship of LRCT’s conserved lands and trails would not be possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of our Stewardship Volunteers. 

    Stewardship Volunteers participate in workdays at conservation areas, adopt properties and trails, monitor conservation easements, maintain existing trails, construct new trails, mark trails with blazes and signs, install new kiosks at trailheads, and assist with other needed stewardship tasks.  

    Learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Lakes Region Conservation Trust and sign up to volunteer.

    Lakes Region Conservation Corps

    The Lakes Region Conservation Corps is an AmeriCorps state service program that develops skills and experiences for conservation professionals by providing hands-on conservation work experience and numerous certifications.  The program is based out of the Squam Lakes Association. Conservation Corps members are a driving force behind many of the conservation efforts of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.

    LRCT’s Special Projects

    Part of LRCT’s land conservation work includes undertaking special projects that align with our conservation values. Currently, LRCT has two special projects we are focusing on including our Carbon Offset Project and most recently our Solar Shares Project.