Planned Giving and Legacy Society

Leave a Legacy for Future Generations

Support for the Lakes Region Conservation Trust through a bequest or other planned gift is a way to make a lasting investment in the conservation of the natural heritage of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

When you make a planned gift to LRCT, you join a group of exceptional supporters committed to conserving the special places that define this unique and spectacular region for future generations.

Make a Lasting Impact

Support for the Lakes Region Conservation Trust through a planned gift is an effective and powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to the conservation of our region’s natural heritage. By including LRCT in your will or estate plan, you will make a tangible and lasting impact on the conservation and stewardship of the special places that define the Lakes Region.

Plan for the Future

Whatever the size of your estate, planning is essential to ensure that your goals for your assets are fulfilled. Planned giving can take many forms, including a bequest to the Lakes Region Conservation Trust, naming LRCT as a beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy, a charitable annuity, a charitable remainder or lead trust, or a remainder interest in real property. Depending on your particular situation, there could be financial and/or tax benefits to making a planned gift.

Define Your Vision

If you wish to consider a planned gift to LRCT, we would be pleased to assist you in defining your vision for this investment and directing your gift in a way that will best fulfill your wishes for the future. Future support through a planned gift can be directed to LRCT’s endowment or to a particular LRCT program or conserved property.

We Can Help

If you are interested in including a charitable bequest to LRCT as part of your estate plan or establishing another form of planned gift, we would be happy to provide you with guidance. Our staff and advisors are available to meet with you to discuss your objectives and to work with you on this essential planning. In addition, we encourage you to consult qualified professionals (e.g., an attorney or financial advisor) as you move forward.

View LRCT’s Planned Giving Brochure.LRCT Planned Giving Brochure

View from East Rattlesnake

Become a Part of the Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors individuals who provide future support for LRCT through a planned gift. If you intend to make a planned gift to LRCT, we encourage you to share your plans with us in advance so that we can include you in the Legacy Society, learn more about your specific interests, and discuss how you would like your gift to be directed.

Sharing your plans places you under no obligation. All wishes for anonymity will be honored.

If you are considering making a planned gift to the Lakes Region Conservation Trust and would like further information, please contact President Don Berry (603-253-3301;