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Leave No Trace


What is Leave No Trace (LNT)?

“Leave No Trace is a personal outdoor ethic that anyone can practice when spending time outdoors. Anytime you can put Leave No Trace into action, you are helping to protect all of our favorite outdoor areas—from your backyard to the backcountry.”

While visiting LRCT properties, we ask that you follow LNT Practices:

  • Know Before You Go: Check in with our Outdoor Activities and Policies page as well as our Properties page to make sure you’re up to date on what is allowed or required to access the property you wish to explore. Remember to also be prepared with the proper equipment and necessary fuel for your adventure and know your limits.
  • Stick to the Trails: It’s important to remain on the trail and on durable surfaces to keep the trail from widening, prevent erosion, and protect the surrounding vegetation. Please also respect nearby private property by sticking to the designated trails.
  • Carry In, Carry Out: LRCT Properties do not provide trash or recycling bins on the property. We ask that you carry out any unwanted items (yes, that includes doggie bags!) and dispose of them properly to keep human impact to a minimum.
  • Leave it as you Find it: It may be tempting to pick up a treasure from the trail, but we ask that you leave anything that you see on your journey (cool rock, beautiful flower, historical item, etc.) on the property so it can be enjoyed by others.
  • Keep Wildlife Wild: Protect yourself, others, and wildlife by keeping your distance and not feeding the wildlife.
  • Share the Outdoors: Be courteous when passing others on the trail, keep your dog under control, and keep loud noises to a minimum (use headphones). The outdoors are for everyone! 

Together, we can keep the Lakes Region and New Hampshire beautiful!

For more information about Leave No Trace, please visit