Hiking During Mud Season

LRCT trails stay open year round, this includes mud season: when dirt becomes muddy at the end of winter and beginning of spring due to the melting snow and ice. We ask that you do your part in order to protect our trails during this messy time of year:

  • Stay on the trail to keep it from widening. If you find a trail on the side, don’t follow it as you could be trampling fragile vegetation.
  • Be prepared to turn around if mud is too deep. Once trails dry out, you’ll be hiking before you know it!
  • Hike on durable surfaces. If you see a rock, hop along it; but be careful, it could be slippery.
  • When in doubt, opt for a lower elevation hike, hike in the morning before the temperature rises, look for south-facing trails, and wear appropriate footwear!