Hiking During Mud Season

LRCT trails stay open year-round; this includes mud season: when the trails become muddy at the end of winter and beginning of spring due to the melting snow and ice. We ask that you do your part to protect our trails during this messy time of year:

  • Stay on the trail. Walking on the side of a trail can cause a trail to widen and erode, while following a new trail can lead to trampling over fragile vegetation and creating new paths that were not meant to be formed.

  • Hike on durable surfaces. If you see a rock, hop along it, but be careful, it could be slippery.

  • Opt for a lower elevation or south-facing hike. Higher elevations take longer to dry out after winter, and south-facing trails which tend to be the driest.

  • Hike in the mornings or evenings while temperatures are cooler and the ground is harder.  

  • Wear appropriate footwear! Waterproof boots are made for getting muddy. Go one step further and wear ankle gaiters that will further protect your feet.

  • Be prepared to turn around if the mud is too deep. Once the trails dry out, you’ll be hiking before you know it!