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Hiker Achievement Patch Program

Hike All The Trails at LRCT’s Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area to Earn a Hiker Achievement Patch!

General Information

The 5,381-acre Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area is the largest property owned and stewarded by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT).  This conserved land provides extraordinary hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing opportunities on numerous trails and carriage roads.

The Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area Hiker Achievement Patch Program is an LRCT project designed to recognize hikers who have ascended 5 major summits and hiked 19 designated trails, totaling 30 miles, located entirely within LRCT’s Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area.  There is no time limit for earning the patch.  You can hike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski the trails – enjoy the property in all seasons!

Trail/Hiking Information

In order to complete the Hiker Achievement Patch Program, you will need to obtain a Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area map showing the hiking trails. Only those trails that are completely within the LRCT property are included in the program. Maps are available for purchase at the LRCT office or at our online shop.

Please note: The mileages listed on the application form (above) represent a one-way hike on each trail. For some routes, you will need to hike additional miles to reach the beginning of the trail, so be sure to consider this mileage in your planning; total distance will vary depending on which route you choose to access some trails.

This conservation area is bordered on several sides by land owned by other parties. Please respect the rights of these property owners and do not venture off the marked trails.

Portions of the Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area are remote, so hikers should be sufficiently prepared for these hikes and follow safety precautions appropriate for venturing into a wilderness area. You will need a map and compass or GPS and be able to use them. Always carry a whistle, flashlight, extra food, and water. Uncertain weather can develop at any time; you should wear seasonally appropriate clothing, dress in layers, and bring protection for rain or snow. Let others know where you are going and when you expect to return. Overnight camping is not allowed. Please carry out what you carry in.

Be a smart, safe hiker and you will enjoy this wonderful conservation area.

For more information about parking and about the Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area, please click below.

Application Information

  1. Complete all 19 trails and reached all 5 summits
  2. Print out the application form and track your hiking accomplishments and experiences.
  3. To receive your patch, submit the completed application along with a check for $7.50 payable to LRCT to: LRCT, PO Box 766, Center Harbor, NH 03226.