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Explorer Patch Program

Earn your LRCT Explorer Patch by exploring a variety of LRCT conservation areas throughout the Lakes Region.

General Information

The Lakes Region Conservation Trust (LRCT) Explorer Patch Program is a project designed to encourage people to visit a variety of LRCT conservation areas throughout the Lakes Region. Our hope is that you will enjoy and learn about properties that you may not have otherwise visited. We also hope that if you are not already an LRCT member, you will be inspired to join us by becoming a member to help support our work to steward these properties and conserve additional lands.

There is no time limit for earning the patch; enjoy the properties in all seasons! You may hike, snowshoe, or cross-country ski on your visits.

The application provides routes, including approximate mileage and difficulty, which we believe highlight the best to offer of each property, either for their views or ecological features.

Trail/Hiking Information

We strongly advise that you use LRCT’s maps as you work toward completing the LRCT Explorer Patch Program. For properties 1-6 you may want to purchase the Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area and Red Hill Conservation Area Trail Map. For property 7, you may want to purchase the Belknap Range Hiking Trails Map. Maps are available for purchase at our shop online or at the LRCT office. Maps for the rest of these properties are available free of charge at (Free Trail Maps under the Explore our Lands > Places to Visit tab). We also sell an Explorer Patch Map Packet consisting of all necessary maps on our online shop or in our office.

LRCT’s conservation areas are bordered by land owned by other parties. Please respect the rights of these property owners and do not venture off the marked trails.

Portions of the properties on the list may be remote, so hikers should be sufficiently prepared for these hikes and follow safety precautions appropriate for venturing into a wilderness area. To be safe, you should always carry a map and compass or GPS and know how to use them. Always carry a whistle, flashlight, food, and water. Challenging weather conditions can develop at any time; you should wear seasonally appropriate clothing, dress in layers, and bring protection for rain or snow. Let others know where you are going and when you expect to return. Overnight camping is not allowed. Please carry out what you carry in.

Be a smart, safe hiker and you will enjoy these wonderful conservation areas.

Explorer Patch Program Procedures

  1. Complete your visits to the listed LRCT properties
  2. Fill out the application with the dates of the visits, companions, and comments
  3. Submit the completed application along with a check for $7.50 payable to LRCT to:  LRCT, PO Box 766, Center Harbor, NH 03226.