Opportunities for Schools, Camps, and Other Groups

LRCT strives to provide opportunities through our protected properties, for people of all ages, to learn about and appreciate the Lakes Region’s remarkable natural resources and heritage. By working with volunteers, local educators and schools, and community organizations, LRCT can make its lands available for nature education and thoughtful recreational activities.

Information about the natural qualities of the region, the activities of LRCT, and the ways in which a regionally-based conservation group can protect key properties for community benefit, wildlife habitat, and public enjoyment, can be found through its: 

Carpenter School Field Trip 6-2012 #1

LRCT invites your organization – school classes, camps, hiking clubs, and community organizations – to take advantage of these opportunities and to enjoy and benefit from the natural assets that our region offers.

Event Request Form

If your organization wishes to visit one of LRCT’s conserved properties as a group, we ask that you notify us 2 months in advance by submitting our Event Request Form.

Event Request Form

This form allows LRCT to:

(a) confirm that the proposed event or activity is appropriate for the conserved property and otherwise consistent with LRCT’s land conservation and stewardship mission, responsibilities, and policies

(b) arrange parking for a large group of people

(c) coordinate as-needed if multiple groups wish to use the property on the same day

(d) otherwise assist you in planning your program

We ask that you communicate to the participants that they are using LRCT property, and we ask that you provide brief feedback on your event (email preferred), including identifying any problems or issues encountered.


Businesses Seeking to Use LRCT Lands:

Businesses seeking permission to use LRCT conserved land for a group/client event or program (including events/programs for which the sponsor charges fees and which generate revenue for the sponsor) must also submit an Event Request Form of the proposed event/program. Along with the factors listed above, LRCT also considers:

a) potential detrimental environmental impacts of the proposed event/program

b) liability risks and insurance issues associated with the event/program

c) appropriateness of the event/program on conservation land 

d) opportunities afforded by the event/program to make reach out to potential new LRCT supporters


If you have any questions about scheduling an event, activity, or program on a conserved property, please contact LRCT at lrct@lrct.org.