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Hiking During Mud Season

Although it is tempting to get out and hike when the weather starts warming up, we ask that you do your part in helping protect our trails while they’re wet from the changing temperatures and weather. Trails are more susceptible to damage during this time. To lessen your impact:

  • Choose a different trail or hike another day – our trails will continue to be available for everyone well after mud season, however erosion issues last years
  • Hike through the mud, not around it – consider wearing ankle gaitors and/or waterproof boots to protect your feet. You can clean and dry your shoes after your hike but again, erosion issues last years.
  • If you need to step aside to allow someone else to pass, wait for the hiker to pass, then return to the trail to continue your hike. Hiking off trail causes new or widened trails, which can cause more erosion issues.
  • Find a different outdoor activity during this time! – bird watching, walks on the sidewalk, or simply bask in the sun to name a few

We appreciate you doing your part in helping us protect our trails!

Are LRCT Trails Open for Hiking during COVID-19?

LRCT’s properties will remain open for now, and we continue to monitor the changing situation in case it becomes necessary to consider trail closure to protect public health as well as the natural resources.

While we usually love to see people enjoying our trails, this is quite an unusual time. Increased numbers of visitors to our conserved lands and global health concerns gives us all pause. So be responsible hikers and members of this community right now means:

  • Stay local. Please respect your state’s stay-at-home and quarantine order, particularly the physical distancing requirements.
  • If you arrive at a trailhead and the parking lot is full, please come back later or find a different place to explore.
  • Only hike on the trail. Need to step aside to practice physical distancing? That is fine! Wait for the other hikers to pass, then return to the trail to continue your hike.
  • Please do not hike on the side of or off of the trail.

Remember, LRCT’s trails and conserved lands will be here when this is all over. Until then, thank you for your ongoing support and for doing your part to keep our trails and community healthy.

Happy Hiking!