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Use of LRCT Lands

One of LRCT’s highest priorities is providing opportunities for everyone to enjoy, appreciate, and recreate on our conserved lands. We ask that you respect these lands and their natural values so they can continue to be enjoyed by all.

Learn about public access to and enjoyment of LRCT lands.

Waterproof Maps

LRCT offers waterproof maps for your next adventure at the Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area, at the Red Hill Conservation Area, in the Belknap Mountains, or on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Patch Programs

LRCT offers two patch programs for people who explore and enjoy LRCT properties by hiking along a number of trails and to several summits.

Earn your patch:

Opportunities for Your Organization

LRCT strives to make conserved lands available to all for nature education and low-impact recreational activities. We invite your organization to take advantage of these opportunities.