Homestead Forest Conservation Area Hike

September 28th



Join Phil Preston, LRCT’s Property Adopter for Homestead Forest, on Saturday September 28th for a hike at Homestead Forest Conservation Area. The 600-acre Homestead Forest, which protects historic homesteads and farmland once active in the mid-1800’s as well as rugged, unforgiving hillsides.

Our hike will take us through forestland over approximately 2 miles of undulating topography and uneven ground. We will explore old roadbeds and narrow, wooded paths. Along the way, we will witness remnants of an old homestead, speculate on the change in land use over the centuries, LRCT’s forest carbon project, and discover many notable natural features.



We ask that participants arrive by 8:15 am to ensure everyone is registered and prepared to depart at 8:30 am. We will return by approximately 1:00 pm

Note: The terrain for this hike will be over uneven ground, with short segments of steep sections.


Meeting Location:

Trailhead Parking Area at the end of Lambert Road.



All LRCT guided excursions are free, but registration is required.



Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for a fall hike, as well as a rain jacket in case the weather changes later in the day. Bring plenty of water, as well as a lunch and snacks.



We will notify all participants through email by 4:00 pm on Friday, September 27th in the event that this hike is cancelled or postponed.


Children’s Participation:

Please check in with us in advance if you are considering bringing young children on this guided excursion, to ensure that this trip is appropriate for their skill level.


Dog Policy:

To ensure the safety and comfort of participants, we are not able to accommodate dogs on our trips.


Recording Programs/Excursions:

We do not permit recording audio or video of our programs/excursions, as it can take away from other participant’s experiences.



Registration for this Guided Hike is now closed.


Please send any questions/concerns to