LRCC Conservation Journal

It feels just like yesterday that all of the half-term Lakes Region Conservation Corps members gathered for orientation at Squam Lakes Association. However, as I’m writing this conservation journal, it has been three months and seven days since that first fateful day. By now, fall has ever so slightly begun to show its autumnal face. […]

LRCC Conservation Journal

While lollygagging around in the woods, you walk past a fern. You barely take note of it, as you are focused on getting to the volunteer workday worksite you are leading, but it notices you. If a fern could talk, it would say, “Hello.” With their delicate green arms that reach out and glide against […]

Become a Solar Energy Shareholder

The Lakes Region Conservation Trust has been working closely with NH Solar Shares, a program of PAREI (Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative), to bring a community solar PV project to the Center Harbor region, and now is the time to apply to become a solar energy shareholder. NH Solar Shares is a community solar PV […]

LRCC Conservation Journal

Anatomy of a Water Bar Have you been hiking recently and noticed a line of rocks sloping off the trail with not much of a ditch on the uphill side? Odds are you have likely seen a water bar that has been filled with sediment. Water bars are an important feature for moving water off […]

LRCC Conservation Journal

After being away from my home state for six years, I am so happy to be back and contributing to the conservation of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. When I left New Hampshire six years ago, I had no idea when I would be back or what my life would look like at this point in […]

LRCC Conservation Journal

While working on the trails, the end of the day life feels a little like an Eminem song: “palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.” Nonetheless, it’s never felt so good to be working dwarfed by the beautiful green-covered mountains formed by millions of years of erosion, that is New Hampshire. The best time […]

Earthquake near Red Hill Conservation Area

Where were you on the morning of April 25th? If you were near LRCT’s Red Hill Conservation Area, you may have heard some strange noises and felt the earth move under your feet… At 9:49 am, central New Hampshire experienced a magnitude 2.9 earthquake, followed by a magnitude 1.8 aftershock four minutes later. The epicenter […]

House Bill 448 Update

Stonedam Island Beach and Launch

On March 22nd, House Bill 448, which attempted to raise the boating speed limit in the Broads from 45mph to 65mph, was defeated by the House of Representatives. This came after the New Hampshire House Resources, Recreation, and Development Committee voted to kill the bill. We appreciate all who voiced their opinions and contacted their […]

LRCT Reaches New Milestone: Accreditation Renewal!

The Lakes Region Conservation Trust is excited to announce that we have reached a new milestone with the recent renewal of LRCT’s accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. Land trust accreditation is a program promoting the highest national standards for ensuring permanence in the conservation of land. LRCT was initially accredited in 2017, indicating that the organization […]

Cross-Country Ski Trail Grooming at Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area

Jump To: Trail Updates Updated March 1st Ski grooming is provided free of charge courtesy of the Lakes Region Conservation Trust. The grooming is done by a dedicated team of volunteers as conditions allow. Updates will be posted on this page throughout the 2023 ski season.  What to Expect: Trails will be groomed by volunteers […]