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Hauser Hikes

by Bill Hauser

April 26, 2024

LRCT is celebrating 45 years of conserving the Lakes Region! Throughout the year, we will be sharing memories and stories that took place on LRCT conserved lands – moments made possible thanks to incredibly generous and dedicated donors, landowners, conservation organizations, towns, volunteers, staff members, and supporters. 

We are a Monday hiking group, dubbed “Hauser Hikes” by one imaginative member of the group. We hike every Monday, weather permitting, throughout the year.

We have a tradition, which began in 2014, of hiking to Mt. Roberts on Cinco de Mayo, regardless of the day of the week on which it falls. Last year was our 10th anniversary, and we had 48 hikers participate! We hiked in four groups, using two different trails and staggered start times to spread us out. We all gathered at the summit for our traditional group photo. In keeping with tradition, we also concluded the day with Mexican cuisine at the nearby El Mariachi Restaurant.

We are looking forward to our hike this year, which is on a Sunday.

Hauser Hikes group photo
Hauser Hikes on the summit of Mt. Roberts May 5, 2024

We all love the trails at Castle in the Clouds and frequent them at all times of the year. Many of us have climbed all the peaks and/or red-lined the trials. Thank you for the wonderful job your organization does in maintaining this fabulous property.

As an aside, 14 of us hiked to Bald Knob on Monday (4/8/2024) to take in the awesome splendor of the solar eclipse.

Do you love the Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area as much as the Hauser Hikes (and LRCT)? Work on completing a Hiker Achievement Patch by exploring all 30 miles of trails. 

Do you have a special memory or story that took place on one of LRCT’s conserved lands? We’d love to hear it! Help us reflect on 45 years of LRCT by filling out our form and sharing your story.