Explore the Ragged Island Conservation Area, Lake Winnipesaukee, Tuftonboro

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Ragged Island, acquired by LRCT in 2007, has nearly one mile of pristine shoreline and two sandy beaches for landing by paddle craft.  There are two docks for power boat landing near the southern end of the island, and a nature trail follows the perimeter of the island.  Sunrise Beach (on the east side) and Sunset Beach (on the west side) are two of the most popular places for swimming (depending on wind direction and time of day).  A circumnavigation of the island passes numerous shallows and rock reefs and provides pleasant paddling past small nooks and coves with overhanging high bush blueberries in season.  Ragged Island and surrounding waters have historically been loon territory; please remain at least 150 feet away from any loon or loon nest, or farther if a loon vocalizes or shows other signs of agitation.  Little Ragged Island is directly to the east of the center of Ragged and is also part of the LRCT property but does not have a trail.  Please note that Little Pine Tree Island, located just east of the docks, is private property.  Do not go ashore here and please respect the property and privacy of the owners.