40 Ways to Celebrate LRCT


In recognition of LRCT’s 40th Anniversary, we’ve created a list of 40 activities and experiences involving LRCT’s conserved lands and our land conservation and stewardship work. We hope you will have an opportunity to accomplish some or all of these during the coming year and that they will be fun and fulfilling for you.



1. Hike Mt. Roberts at the Castle in the Clouds
2. Hike Red Hill and climb the Fire Tower
3. Hike the trails at Sugarloaf Ridge-Goose Pond
4. Hike Piper Mountain in the Belknap Range and sit atop the stone throne
5. Hike Fogg Hill and get a picture of the Kettle Bog
6. Hike the Mt. Morgan-Mt. Percival Loop in the Squam Range
7. Hike Mt. Shaw, the highest peak in the Lakes Region, at the Castle in the Clouds





8. Mountain bike at Page and Glory Hill
9. Take a walk at the Cotton-Hurd Preserve
10. Enjoy the scenery at Trask Swamp
11. Walk the trails at Center Harbor Woods
12. Take a walk around Knights Pond
13. Cross-country ski at Sewall Woods
14. Complete the Lee Settlement Quest at the Castle in the Clouds
15. Complete the Forgotten Farms Quest at Homestead Forest





16. Paddle to Stonedam Island on Lake Winnipesaukee
17. Paddle to Jimmy Point through Squaw Cove on Squam Lake
18. Paddle to Ragged Island on Lake Winnipesaukee
19. Paddle to Blanchard Island on Lake Winnipesaukee
20. Paddle around Turtle Island on Lake Wicwas
21. Paddle to Franks and Bayberry Islands on White Oak Pond





22. Spot a loon or bear
23. Find spring wildflowers
24. Take in a scenic vista
25. Enjoy an outing on an LRCT property with your friends or family
26. Take a picture at your favorite LRCT property and tell us why it’s your favorite
27. Attend an LRCT Guided Excursion






28. Participate in an LRCT Workday Wednesday
29. Volunteer in the LRCT Office
30. Donate your skills to LRCT
31. Become an LRCT Stewardship Volunteer and work on an LRCT property







32. Visit us at the LRCT Office and learn about the work we completed to make our building more energy efficient
33. Follow LRCT on Instagram
34. Like and follow LRCT on Facebook
35. Introduce yourself to an AmeriCorps member at one of our properties
36. Connect with a fellow hiker or paddler by introducing yourself as an LRCT member







37. Become a member of LRCT or renew your membership
38. Give a gift of membership to a family member or other loved one
39. Support a land project
40. Tell us how you learned of LRCT and why you continue to support us






Click here to download and print your own form to keep track of your progress while you complete each activity.

Be sure to document your activities by taking pictures, writing notes, or sharing your experiences with us on social media using the #LakesRegionConservationTrust hashtag as you complete each activity.


Complete 10 or more activities by the end of the year and receive a special edition LRCT 40th Anniversary sticker!

Have fun!