Cross Country Ski Trail Grooming at Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area

What to Expect:

  • This is a volunteer ski grooming program run by LRCT.
  • All of our trails are open to cross-country skiing. We are grooming some trails to provide free easy access for all levels of skiers.
  • Trails will be groomed periodically and as conditions allow.
  • Updates will be posted to the Lakes Region Conservation Trust’s website and Facebook page.
  • Grooming may occur at any time, please be aware and step to the side to let groomer pass.
  • The trails are not individually rated with a level of difficulty, but are generally easy to moderate.
  • Trails are groomed to give skiers a fun place to explore the Castle in the Clouds Conservation area in a different way.
  • Please keep in mind our trails are not professionally groomed and can be a little rugged.
  • Due to the width and general condition of the trails the optimal skis to use are classic skis (opposed to skate skis).
  • What does a “snowmobile packed” trail mean?  This means we have driven the snowmobile on the trail to pack down the snow on the trail, but have not dragged the groomer behind the snowmobile which would make the typical “corduroy.”


Groomed Ski Trail Etiquette

  • Be nice to the trails! It’s hard work for LRCT staff & volunteers to maintain them.
  • Trails are groomed for cross-country skiers.
  • Snowshoers and leashed dogs, please be respectful of groomed trails and walk along the side. Please, never step on classic tracks.
  • No walking or fatbiking.
  • Donations to help LRCT maintain the trails are greatly appreciated.


Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area hiking trail maps are available at LRCT’s online store here!


March 29, 2019 Update

We have to admit it…spring is here, which means an amazing winter is over and we will no longer be grooming ski trails. A HUGE thank you goes out to all of our volunteers who helped us groom cross country ski trails at the Castle in the Clouds this winter. Without their willingness to bundle up, wrangle the groomer, and sacrifice their own ski time, we couldn’t have done it. Together, we groomed several miles of trails to provide family fun skiing and some added adventure in the Ossipee Mountains.

THANK YOU LRCT VOLUNTEERS for helping make the Lakes Region fun in every season!

If you skied the trails this winter and have feedback for us we would love to hear from you! Please email or call our office at 603-253-3301.


March 17, 2019 Update

Volunteers Ken and Cindy groomed the Settlement Trail out to the midway loop and the Oak Ridge Trail to the viewpoint via the Pond Trail this morning. Expect some variability with the end of season conditions!









March 13, 2019 Update

On Wednesday, March 13th, volunteer Lynne H (with some serious help from her puppy Nell) groomed the Settlement Trail to the midway loop, the Oak Ridge Trail to the viewpoint via the Pond Trail, both pastures, and the wooded trail that connects the top of the pastures.

Hope to see you skiing on the trails during this last official week of winter!

Newest volunteer Nell prepared to hook up the groomer to the snowmobile

Out grooming the fields. Thank you to the snowshoers who honored our signs and stayed to the side of the groomed ski trails!

Having fun in the sun while grooming the trails!

While out grooming this morning, we stopped to chat with some members from the Moultonborough Women’s Club who were going for a snowshoe

Groomer in action out on the trails

March 12, 2019 Update

On Tuesday, March 12th, our volunteer, Tracey, machine packed the entire Settlement Trail, Oak Ridge Trail to the viewpoint via the Pond Trail, both pasture loops, and the trail through the woods that connects the top of pastures. Fields are a little windblown and icy, but the woods trails are holding up well!

March 8, 2019 Update

Big thanks to volunteers Cindy and Lynne W for some stellar grooming.

Settlement Trail out to the midway loop, Oak Ridge Trail via Pond Trail to the viewpoint, and both pastures are groomed.

March 5, 2019 Update

This morning volunteer duo Tracey and Lynne H used the snowmobile to pack the following trails: Lower Pasture, Upper Pasture, Pasture Connector (trail connecting upper ends of pasture thru the woods), the entire Settlement Trail, and Oak Ridge Trail via the Pond Trail up to the lookout. Tomorrow, two other volunteers hope to get out to groom what was packed today- stay tuned!

Also today, new signs are up reminding non-skiers on how to use the trail. Please, no walking with bare boots or microspikes on the groomed ski trails. Snowshoers PLEASE stay to the side of the trail, as to preserve the flat, groomed surface for skiers.

February 28, 2019 Update

Today we groomed the Settlement Trail to the lollipop loop, around the upper and lower pasture and crossed over the middle pasture. We also groomed the Oak Ridge Trail up to the lookout.

February 27, 2019 Update

We groomed midway up the Settlement Trail and up to Oak Ridge lookout via the Pond Trail today.

Volunteer cross-country ski groomers, Dana, Lynne, other Lynne, Tracey, Cindy, Ken, and Tristan joined LRCT’s Conservation Easement Steward, Leah Hart to refine their skills at our training event.








February 23, 2019 Update

We chipped out the groomer, and groomed the trails we packed yesterday! See February 22, 2019 update for trail information.







February 22, 2019 Update

On the morning of Friday, February 22nd, we snowmobile packed loops around each of the two pastures, out and back to the turnaround midway on the Settlement Trail, out and back to the view on Oak Ridge Trail via Pond Trail, and a small but very scenic trail (unnamed) that connects to the top of each pasture.

Currently, the groomer (which attaches behind the snowmobile) is lodged in a dense sheet of ice, so until we get it out there will only be snowmobile-packed trails.

Should be lovely spring conditions, opt outside this weekend and enjoy!

The Castle from Oak Ridge Trail

Volunteer Groomer Ken

What machine packed trails looks like before the skiers come!


February 1, 2019 Update

The Upper, Middle and Lower Pastures have been machine packed and groomed.  They are in nice shape. You may see traces of a problem we had turning from the lower to upper pasture. We did it with the snowmobile but couldn’t make it with the groomer, so we ended up doing a big wide turn in the field at the head of the Mt Roberts trail and circling back to the upper pasture.
The Settlement Trail has also been machine packed.  There are two wet crossings which we shoveled lots of snow into and crossed without a problem.

January 25, 2019 Update

Settlement Trail:

  • The drainages that cross the Settlement Trail are flooded and have left wide gaps of flowing water, due to the flooding the trail was unable to be groomed – new snow will be needed to fill in the crossings to groom.  The sections between the gaps are in decent shape, were softened a bit by the machine and cleared of branches, but are they pretty littered with tree debris.

Pasture Trails:

  • The Pasture Trails are skiable, but they refroze after the rain and became hardpacked and ungroomable.  Our snowmobile did very little, if anything at all, to soften up the surface.  Snow covered routes through the pastures are there, however, the route between the Lower and Upper Pastures has been diminished due to water/ice.  A new section has been machine packed, that had not been packed out this year – it is the road that runs through the woods on the upslope side of the pastures (it runs from the top gate at the Upper Pasture, where the Mt. Robert trail is, around to the top gate at the Lower Pasture).  The snow on the route is very nice, though it is a short route.  We will continue to groom this trail moving forward.

Turtleback Mountain Trail:

  • The Turtleback Mountain Trail has a very large (wide and deep) drainage washout bisecting the trail that are not passible even with the snowmobile, so that route is going to be out for quite a while.

Pond Trail:

  • The Pond Trail has been machine packed, starting at the dam, and onto the Oak Ridge Trail.

Oak Ridge Trail:

  • The Oak Ridge Trail has been machine packed all the way to the lookout.  This route is in great shape and is currently the best skiing available, even though it is only packed out and not yet groomed.  We will continue to groom this route as conditions provide, and probably forgo managing the section from the outlook down to the Turtleback Mountain Trail.
Looking ahead… There is snow in the forecast for Tuesday, Tuesday night, and into Wednesday, possibly significant accumulations.  Given the current trail conditions, we will look at grooming again after this storm.
Until then, micro-spikes are highly recommended for all trails that have been packed, and snowshoes are still warranted for unpacked trails.


January 11, 2019 Update

With all the recent snow, we have started to groom a few trails at the Castle in the Clouds Conservation Area for cross country skiing.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on this volunteer ski grooming program this winter on our facebook page and website! Here is our latest update:

  • Pasture Trail: From the Hiker Parking lot through the horse pastures to the Mt. Roberts Trail at the top of the Upper Pasture. Machine packed on 1/10, not groomed.
  • Pasture Loop: Around the Upper Pasture. Machine packed on 1/10, not groomed.
  • Mt. Roberts Trail: From the start of the trail to the junction with the Pasture Trail at the top of the Upper Pasture. Machine packed on 1/10, not groomed.
  • Settlement Trail: The entire trail. Machine packed on 1/10, not groomed.