Volunteer Opportunities

LRCT has conserved over 25,000 acres in the Lakes Region in over 145 properties since its founding in 1979.  All of the work to conserve and steward these lands and over 100 miles of trails would not be possible without the help of LRCT’s many tremendously dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers.  Join our team of volunteers; we’d welcome and appreciate your help!

If you are interested in volunteering for LRCT, please fill out and return this Volunteer Information Form.  You can either print it, fill it out, and mail it in or you can download the form, fill in the form, and email the form to lrct@lrct.org as an attachment.  Do not fill out the form directly in your browser.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 603-253-3301; lrct@lrct.org.



Trail Volunteers: Trail Volunteers help maintain existing trails, construct new trails, mark trails with blazes and signs, install new kiosks at trailheads, and assist with other needed tasks which ensure that trails will be in good condition for use by visitors to LRCT’s conserved properties. Trail Volunteers may choose a single property or trail that they would like to help maintain (see Trail Adopter description) or may volunteer for projects on different properties. The time commitment is completely up to you …one day a year, one day a month … this is an area in which we can always use help.

Russell Rowland

Trail Adopters: Trail Adopters volunteer to monitor a specific trail on a property, maintain the trail to ensure that it is in good condition for use by visitors, and report larger trail maintenance needs or issues to LRCT. Trail Adopters may be individuals or a group of people (for example: civic groups, service learning classes, hiking clubs, local businesses, or groups of friends). If you’d like to organize a team of Trail Adopters, please let us know.

Property Adopters: Each property that LRCT owns has a volunteer Property Adopter who regularly monitors the property, alerts LRCT staff about stewardship issues, and keeps a close watch on the conserved property. Property Adopters maintain trails, identify needed projects, and work diligently to ensure that the protected property is carefully stewarded.

Conservation Easement Monitors: Each property on which LRCT holds a conservation easement has a volunteer Conservation Easement Monitor. Conservation Easement Monitors visit their assigned easement at least once each year to check the property boundaries and to determine whether the restrictions of the conservation easement are being followed. Conservation Easement Monitors receive special training on monitoring methods and report any stewardship issues by completing an annual monitoring report form.

Office Volunteers: Office Volunteers assist with large mailings and other office tasks as needed. Office Volunteers may assist on a particular project or sign up to be called when needs arise.

Events Volunteers: Events Volunteers assist with special events that LRCT might organize during the year. Events Volunteers may assist with a particular event or sign up to be called whenever an event is scheduled.

Guided Excursion Leaders and Assistant Guides: Each year, LRCT offers a guided excursion program to highlight the beauty and importance of our properties. Lead Guides will take participants for hikes and paddles on LRCT’s conserved lands. They will have the opportunity to teach participants about LRCT and provide them with interesting facts about the property from their unique perspective. Assistant guides will assist the lead guide by greeting participants, helping with registration, and keeping the whole group together during the trip. Those interested will have the opportunity to participate in a guide training provided by LRCT.

Outreach Volunteers: Outreach Volunteers help distribute LRCT literature and posters about LRCT events to libraries and other public places throughout the region. Outreach Volunteers may also distribute trail and paddle maps to vendors who have agreed to sell these for LRCT. In addition, Outreach Volunteers may set up LRCT’s display of photographs and information at area fairs, conferences, and other events and provide information to event attendees or may set up the LRCT display at trailheads of key LRCT properties to encourage visitors to learn more about the organization. Outreach Volunteers may help us out once, cover a specific town in the region, or sign up to be on our call list when needs arise.

Volunteers with Specific Skills: Expertise and interest in a variety of areas could make a valuable contribution to LRCT’s work. If you have skills that you want to volunteer and that you think may support LRCT’s work, please let us know so that we can discuss whether there is a project of mutual interest that would put your skills to use.

If you let us know you are interested in volunteering, we will work with you to find a volunteer role that matches your skills and interests.  Thank you!