Piper Mountain Land Celebration

Thanks to the tremendous generosity of our donors, 273 acres on Piper Mountain in Gilford have now been conserved. This property encompasses Piper’s open summit (elevation 2,044’), the surrounding pristine forest and wild habitat, and parts of key hiking trails in the Belknap Range. We could not have preserved this beautiful landscape without the donors extraordinary support.

Please join us along with the Gilford Conservation Commission to celebrate this accomplishment on Saturday, May 20th – 11:00 a.m. at the “stone chairs” atop Piper Mountain.  The stone chairs are found at the intersection of the Piper Mountain Trial (Red), the Old Piper Mountain Trail (Orange), and the Piper-Whiteface Link (Green). See map below.

There are several ways to get to the stone chairs on Piper Mountain.  We have three suggested routes but please use your favorite route if you’d like to come from another direction in the Belknaps.

All three suggestions are off Belknap Mountain Rd. in Gilford. Please keep in mind that parking may be limited at each location. Please carpool with your fellow hikers if possible!

~The parking lot at the top of Carriage Rd. will give you the shortest route with the least elevation gain. Take the White Trail (white). At the intersection of Old Piper Tr. (orange), Round Pond/Piper Link (green), and the White Trail (white), take the Old Piper Trail (orange).

~Park at the gate a short distance up Carriage Rd. Take the Piper Mt. Trail (red)

~Park at the end of Belknap Mountain Rd. Take the Whiteface Mountain Trail (blue), at the intersection take the Piper-Whiteface Link (green).

Click on image for enlarged map